So You're Psyched To Be A Motives Pro Makeup Artist?!

Are you looking to get a Motives Cosmetics Consultant Kit for your makeup services? There are a few options to get professional makeup artists started with Motives by Loren Ridinger but please note it's really about making personal recommendations also known as One to One Marketing. My take is that selling a few items to clients can generate much needed extra income to an industry of devoted workers whom rely on big name brands that make all the money while the pro only gets paid for their time or day rates and buys tons of their product with usually no other potential for financial gain.

Pro MUA's can apply for the Motives Pro Artist program if they meet the qualifications with proof, or can apply for a Sales Rep or Distributorship as I stated in previous posts. In the past, pro's could only choose the Distributorship which is great for the long term income potential to create a retirement plan with commissions and bonuses but can be too complicated or the Sales Rep which is tough since it still requires the same amount of paperwork and has very limited potential and doesn't have access to everything. The newest option is the Motives Pro Artist program with two forms of industry ID and requires approval from corporate and is just an "order what you need" concept at discount with a pro website link.

At The Makeup Show in NYC last month our team gave out "stacks" of paperwork to the MUA's about the new pro only program, they were so excited to learn about the ability to order product at up to 40% off retail and have access to some money-saving kits and pocket some retail cash from clients that order via the website that comes with enrollment. The program is only $5 more than MAC's pro discount card and gives the artist client referrals! Read more here

If you find yourself reading this and wanting more information then please evaluate the line in-person and attend a local training before you invest in a kit. You won't need to max out a credit card or take out a small loan but do plan to stock up. Book a consult if there's someone in your area working with Motives with a free "try before you buy" consultation so I highly recommend you check out the Custom Blend Foundation and get a Color Match demo. And if there's no one near you then I suggest YOU be the one to get Motives started! LOL 

By the way, our team inspired a Chicago team to showcase the line at the The Makeup Show Chicago last week & they also had an endless wave of MUA's checking out Motives, isn't that cool?!!

Check out this picture from beauty blogger/makeup artist Sherry Blossom at The Makeup Show NYC 2011 (here's a link to her amazing blog and the exact post: If you want to be a makeup artist in general definitely read Sherry's "Profit Series" of posts on how to get work and book yourself. That alone is an amazing resource!


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